cWatch Store Redesign

Key Competencies & Contribution

  • Modular responsive website redesign, including icon design, illustration, checkout, landing page and pricing page design.
  • Overall goal to provide less-technical users insight into security issues solved by this product in an engaging and informative manner.
  • One column layout to guide readers from top to bottom and build toward specific CTAs.
  • Full icon sets and custom illustrations designed in Illustrator. Each illustration interprets high-level security concepts with clear and compelling visuals.
  • Intended to be designed for modular components that could be reused/swapped out, responsive typography, and layouts with multiple font pairing and visual hierarchy.
  • Comparison tables, fully responsive, designed to be easy to comprehend, analyze and skim.
  • Entire checkout process carefully designed following research data provided by Baymard Institute reports.
  • I coded responsive layouts of individual pages to communicate with front-end developer layout changes at each breakpoint. A few can be found at: cWatch Responsive example 1cWatch Responsive example 2.  Bootstrap, SCSS

Pricing Upgrade – Strategy

    • Most users coming to the page have the Free Basic plan, and will trend toward having less technical knowledge.
    • Being primarily price-driven, users will be most inclined to choose between the Starter and Pro plan and will need to know they key differences between the two from a benefit standpoint, which should be clear and prominent.
    • I determined the primary benefit or key differentiating factor between the two is the “Set it and forget it” type of protection Pro offers, moreso than the frequency of malware removal operations.
    • A potential strategy would be doing a user story for each plan selection, wherein choosing Starter would require the hassle of first getting the malware (which may go undetected for an indeterminate amount of time), then performing a manual scan, engaging in email/chat support, possible loss of data or reputation due to malware, and cost in terms of time and effort.
    • Avoidance of pain as well as peace of mind can be major motivations in choosing the plan with a slightly higher price.

Responsive Website Design, Iconography & Illustration

Landing Page Design

  • 3-D modeling/illustration in tablet and Illustrator.