AutoInstallSSL Lo-Fi Prototype

Key Competencies & Contribution

  • Discovery meetings to discuss marketing goals and review of the technical specifications of the installation process.
  • Targeted demographic was user base with little technical/SSL knowledge. The overall goal was to provide a free option alongside multiple “upsell” opportunities that would be necessary to present to the user before continuing through the free SSL install.
  • I designed the content on the landing page to communicate key differences between each level, using benefit-oriented language, color and layout to guide the eye to high-priority content and reveal the relationship between features and benefits.
  • I used gradual engagement and progressive disclosure to present the process in a series of steps to simplify the tasks involved, minimize error and reduce cognitive load.
  • I chose to separate out the functionality related to level of domain protection from level of security to simplify the complexity of the task and allow the user to make value-based decisions within context.
  • Provided design solutions to effectively communicate technical concepts in a easy-to-understand manner, e.g., visual representation of multi-domain vs. wildcard, and gauge to represent relative value/levels of security.