Yosemite National Park

Role:   UI, UX

Project:   Website Redesign

URL:  yosemitepark.com

When I personally looked through the photography for this project, I was awed and inspired, and it prompted me to want to visit the destination, and this was the experience I wanted to give to users when coming to the site. Using large, high-impact photography as a background photo, I wanted to emphasize the natural beauty of the destination and draw the user into the experience of being there, and hopefully influencing people to visit the destination. I chose a few shots that worked well in the design, including the iconic “tunnel view” shot. The interface elements float and nest in the background, enhancing the 3-dimensional sense of space. I used tabbed modules to divide a large amount of content into less screen space and chose a clean, modern font and type size to emphasize space and grandeur.



4. What Our Client Says

We all concur – both the Yosemite team and Corporate eCommerce – The designs are absolutely beautiful. Love the colors and feeling of space.

IA/Navigation Design

The greatest challenge we encountered in the navigation of the site was the huge number of menu subcategories and links. I designed a mega menu for the main navigation, with clearly organized and visually differentiated category labels. I also designed a contextual page navigation, like an “expanded breadcrumb”, that would give the user a sense of orientation in terms of where they were in the site, and how they can navigate to other pages within the same category, or up any level in the heirarchy.