Thomas E. Lamb

Role:   UI Design


Agency:   Ideate Interactive

This website is for a custom home designer in the area who designs and develops residential homes of various styles for exclusive clients, regionally and nationally.   Mr. Lamb wanted a modern, elegant website with the primary focus that of showcasing his portfolio.


A few years after the site launched, we discussed developing a mobile version. The sketches and prototypes I put together, using Balsamiq and Photoshop / Justinmind are a result of this effort (development is still underway.)

In page analytics showed the most engagement on the portfolio carousel, search bar, Portfolio navigation link, contact and Custom Home design services. Top landing pages were Portfolio, Residential, About Tom Lamb and the Balsera modern house. We surmised that there was a significant uptick of interest in contemporary home design, and declining interest in mediterranean, a fact that has been corroborated over the last several months. I designed the mobile version to showcase the area of the site that, overall, generated the most interest, the showcase of homes, which appears as the most prominent CTA from the home page, followed by direct links to the showcase of residential homes, and then showcase of Contemporary homes. I included a persistent navigation with “Quick Links” (which had these top pages), a link to Mr. Lamb’s bio and contact information – all most popular 1st interactions by mobile users. Several other areas were discussed and designed such as the functionality of the portfolio showcase itself, which needed to be more user-friendly when viewing next and previous homes and switching categories.