Dr. Lara

Role:   UI

Project:   Website Redesign

Agency:   Ideate Interactive

The Challenge

This is a client that provided high-end, medically supervised nutritional weight-loss programs. Their current site had a lack of cohesion and there was no clear heirarchy to the content on the page. Too many colors and fonts competed visually, increasing confusion. The overall design did not convey credibility or professionalism, which were crucial to the attraction and retention of potential clientele. As a company entrusted with the health and well-being of their clients, it was more important than ever to portray a professional online image.

The Solution

I wanted to create a more professional-looking design, but one that did not look too “medically” oriented. After discussions with the client, it really seemed that they were passionate about changing their client’s lifestyle and thought processes for the better, with medical/nutritional assistance. I wanted to give the site a positive, uplifting feeling, but with a warm, grounding color palette. I made careful choices in stock photography and color treated all the photos to complement the overall design, chose modern fonts, and “chunked” the content, displaying the most important information first, which allowed more effective visual communication of a lot of information.



4. What the Client Said


I LOVE this!! Amazing job as usual.